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exhibition and book by Tzotcho Boiadjiev


25.09, 18:00



We have been admitted into one of Tzotcho Boiadjiev's sanctuaries - the world of his photography.
A world he inhabits in his incomparable way, with tact and remarkable humility.

His Sanctuary is a declaration of love.

Of the wisdom of the Creator who gave people shelter.

Of the surprises of the world.

Of life and the ingenious details of everyday beauty.

Each one of the images he shares is a shared experience - an impromptu stroke in the big picture of Being.

Sanctuary is a declaration of love to Humankind.

Sanctuary – the photography exhibition by prof. Tzotcho Boiadjiev is opening on September 25 in KO-OP Gallery in Sofia. The exhibition closing date is October 12. Along with the exhibition, ForoFabrika Festival is presenting the book Conversation about the art of photography by Nikolay Treiman and Tzotcho Boiadjiev and the short documentary from Foto Figures series dedicated to prof. Boiadjiev called Tzothco Boiadjiev. A moment in many moments.

The opening date is prof. Boiadjiev's birthday when he is turning 70 years.

The eight FotoFabrika Festival is a part of the Sofia Municipality Cultural Calendar for 2021.

When and where

25.09, 18:00 - 12.10
KO-OP Gallery, 17 Yanko Sakazov blvd,

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Tuesday – Sunday: 12:00-19:00