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Semi-dark or semi-light? Dusk is a metaphor for the cycles of life, for those constant ups and downs of existence, for the moments when you catch your breath to continue.

In his photo series Dusk, Doriyan Todorov shows 12 frames about moments of human uncertainty, difficulties and opportunities, solitude as personal happiness and a fear of loneliness. Through his work on the project, Doriyan steps out of his usual role as an event photographer and seeks the event within life itself. The subdued light in the frames softens the outlines of reality and allows us to see well-known shapes, places, and objects with different eyes. It's as if we are given another chance to examine the way we perceive the world. In the dusk.

„The moments when we are alone with our thoughts and the moments when we are lonely. There, where everything sinks into the dark tones of silence. When the cold embraces us, and we slowly surrender, while the stillness of solitude battles the fear of the lost and the unknown. A place whose blurred boundaries we can shape, or it can shape us. We are the dusk.“
                                                                                                          Doriyan Todorov

Doriyan Todorov has been professionally involved in event photography for over 15 years. Five years ago, he turned his attention to the prominent figures in street and documentary photography to explore and develop his potential for creating images beyond "craftsmanship." This was when his experiments in street photography began, which continue to this day.

He is drawn to the boundaries where humanity and nature intersect – the outskirts, small villages, and coastal areas. Gradually, his focus shifted from the moments and faces of everyday life to the atmosphere without the direct presence of protagonists in the frames.


14 November – 5 December

14 November
18.00 – 20.00

UniCredit Studio, 7 Sv. Nedelya Sq.

The 10th FotoFabrika Festival is part of the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2023.