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Photomarathon poster

The annual Photomarathon is back!!! After a short break participants will have the option to shoot on a predefined theme for a certain period of time. The whole challenge happens within one day. Save the date October 1 at 10.30 am at Kino Kabana next to NDK. For more information and registration click here.

The Photomaraton is a photographic competition where participants must produce a series of photographs on predefined topics in a given period of time. This challenge is organised in a day and in some formats there is more than one topic. There are over 80 such events around the world and the concept of Photomarathon began in Madrid in 1986.

As of 2016 Bulgaria entered the international calendar of photomarathons in the world.As elsewhere in the world, the pictures must be taken within the day of the event. The jury will evaluate anonymously the photographs taking into account the shooting technique and the creativity in interpreting the topic.  

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