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FotoFabrika Presents: Boryana Katsarova, Dimitar Dilkoff, and Nikolay Doychinov in Museum of Photography and Contemporary Visual Arts, Kazanluk

In 2023 FotoFabrika is turning 10. During its jubilee edition, the festival will be touring galleries and museums in Bulgaria to exhibit some works from its collection and new exhibitions.

Boryana Katsarova, Dimitar Dilkoff, and Nikolay Doychinov are among the most successful Bulgarian photographers working abroad as correspondents for world news agencies like Agence France-Presse – one of the biggest in Europe. In 2018 FotoFabrika showed some photography series of Katsarova, Dilkoff, and Doychinov during its exhibition Five Portraits in National Gallery – The Palace. Along the in the exhibition participated also Mladen Antonov and Yana Paskova.

From 9th to 27 February, in the Museum of photography and contemporary visual arts in Kazanluk will be exhibited a selection of pictures from the three series of Katsarova's, Dilkoff's, and Doychinov's participation in FotoFabrika Festival 2018.

Nikolay Doychinov was born 35 years ago in Sofia, where he studied at the National School of Polygraphy and Photography. He joined the team of  AFP news agency in 2009. Nikolay's professional career in Bulgaria started with daily newspapers like Sega and Dnevnik, as well as the BGNES information agency. He worked for Reuters for three years, meanwhile doing freelance work for the New York Times, Spiegel, the European Pressphoto Agency, Getty Images, etc.

The Living Tradition

Dimitar Dilkoff was born in 1967 in Vratsa. He was 14 when he got his first camera, a Smyana 8M. In 1990 he took a professional approach to photography, and in 1991-2003 he was already working for Reuters Agency. Since 2003 until now he has been a correspondent for AFP news agency.


Boryana Katsarova was born in Bulgaria in 1981. She was 15 when she discovered photography as her key to understanding the world. In 2007 she graduated in Art and Applied Photography at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts where she studied with Prof. Atanas Kanchev, and later defended her graduate thesis on The Aesthetics of Applied Photography. Between 2007 and 2010 she worked as a photo journalist for the Bulgarian office of AFP news agency. From 2011 onwards her work is represented by the French photographic agency Cosmos. She has been presented in exhibitions and online presentations in France, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, the USA, Russia, India, Lithuania and New Zealand.



9 – 27 February
Museum of Photography and Contemporary Visual Arts, Kazanluk
Chudomir Str.

The exhibiotion is a part from the one year long programme Blow-Up executed by FotoFabrika Foundation with the support of National Culture Fund.