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three-dimensional installation


Do we truly understand the essence of what’s happening around and with us, or do we only see our own projections?
Aren’t we accepting these projections as absolute truth, turning it into an individual reality that we then try to impose on others?
What is real? What looks real or what is real?
Is there an objective truth or are there as many realities as there are observers?
If opposite realities meet, which one is truer?
Does the real become apparantlyreal because of everyone’s different perceptions?

                                                                                                              Youlian Tabakov

The exhibition Real/Apparantlyreal features photographs and objects in a three-dimensional installation. An artistic commentary by visual artist Youlian Tabakov made up of questions and shared thoughts about how we perceive existence and the line between subjective reality and objective truth.

Youlian Tabakov is a visual artist. He has studied Set Design at the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Sculpture and Photography at ENS des Beaux-Arts in Paris and 3D at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.

Based in Sweden and Bulgaria, since 2002, he has made the set and costume design for more than 60 theatre, opera, feature and documentary film productions. He has illustrated children’s books and poetry collections, and has directed creative documentaries.
Youlian Tabakov has had a number of solo exhibitions and has participated in various group ones in Bulgaria, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and the US. Some of his own projects are Three Sisters, after A. P. Chekhov’s, the installations Moments and A Portrait of a Dying Titan, featuring series of photographs and objects, and the documentary Tzvetanka.
Among his awards are the Stevan Dohanos Award of the Society of Illustrators NYC for the drawing on For a Greener Planet, and the Askeer Award for Best Costume Design for The Idiot 2012, after Dostoevsky’s. He has received the Golden Age Award for contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture.


28.09 – 23.10

Toplotsentrala Regional Centre for Contemporary Art

5 Emil Berzinski str.

28.09, 18:00